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Special Tanks



You need the appropriate size and geometry, we produce the most appropriate solution for our special manufacturing techniques and experience. Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF, CTFE and so on. ingredients, without distinction of sizes and shapes depending on the type of your chemical; The needs of your process whatever suits her angular, cylindrical box, mini-tanks, pans, ground pool coating, drip holder, sealed lid, clear glass, level indicator, the separation vessel, filter, drum filling equipment, nozzles, gear parts, switch components, adapters laboratory equipment, sight glass, separators, serpentine, machinery parts, pallets, etc. cover. We have been manufacturing.

Mixer (mixer) Production of all sizes and types of custom manufacturing steel / polypropylene on stainless steel, HDPE (polyethylene), we protect your products with PVC coating method and mixers .

By providing technical drawing and 3D design all the controls you're getting our pre-production pre-production approval conformity with the wishes of our customers.

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