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Spectrum Conveyor Belt are perfect to be used for horizontal conveying called as horizontal conveyor belts which are there of a variety of materials like food grains, cereals and other granular products and are of modular design. It contains two rotary drums with a large conveyor belt running between them.

Multi-ply Belts It involves the usage of multi-ply 'N'-PVC coated belts for conveying food grade material. Number of plies changes based on length and capacity of the conveyor.
Rotary Drums Drums are put on universal life time lubricated swivel bearings and are driven by a motor along with a Worm Reduction gear box. The non-driven drum can be adjusted for better tensioning of the belt.
Idler Roller They are put on pillow block bearings for free movement of the belt.
Skirting It is provided with side skirting to prevent spillage of material over the sides as well as clogging of the conveyor.

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