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Durable. Corrosion-resistant. Flexible. SpillPro drum skimmers are ideal for clean up in creeks, rivers and lakes. Equally effective in industrial or spill settings, SpillPro drum oil skimmers provide highly selective recovery. Intake is typically 97% oil to just 3% water for both light and heavy oils. A light aluminium construction allows rapid deployment, making recovery as quick and simple as possible.

Where this product can be applied

  • Lakes
  • Dams
  • Offshore
  • Nearshore
  • Fast current
  • Calm waters

How this product solves problems

  • Skims oil from water following spills
  • Easier to deploy than traditional heavy skimmers
  • More efficient than traditional skimmers
Benefits of SpillPro drum skimmers
  • Reduces deployment time
  • Saves costly and time-consuming clean-ups
  • Light
  • Highly efficient
Rapid response time

SpillPro drum skimmers are made from light weight aluminium. It makes them far easier to transport and deploy compared with competitors' old technology skimmers that are very heavy and difficult to deploy. That saves crucial time during the early stages of an oil spill.

High recovery rates

We offer drum skimmers capable of recovering 5,000 to 180,000 litres per hour. And those numbers are proven by independent tests. So we can provide the ideal size skimmer for any spill. Our end-to-end support ensures you'll get outstanding results from your recovery effort.

Versatile and efficient

Capable of handling light and heavy oils, SpillPro drum skimmers lead the market in efficient recovery. Typically, they recover 97% oil and only 3% water. Their impressive efficiency is matched by their remarkable versatility, operating effectively in little as 75mm of water.

Durable, long life

Simple construction. Light anodised frame. High-density polyethylene drums. That all adds up to a durable skimmer built to withstand impact and abrasion.

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