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- Screen for Removal of Sand and Heavy Sediments from Sewage Effluent



The SpiroSand is a simple and reliable piece of equipment that removes sand and heavy sediments as well as floating debris from sewage effluent before they are able to plug equipment or cause abrasive wear to downstream machinery.

The SpiroSand includes a shaftless screw device that rests on high-resistance wearing bars. When in the pulling position, the drive unit is installed at the top end of the unit, ensuring a watertight shaft seal.

  • Less sediment in wastewater and other fluids thanks to effective separation
  • Higher overall system capacity by removing impurities before processing
  • Reduced abrasive wear on downstream machinery and equipment
  • Smoother operations, reduced chance of plugging
  • Overall reduction of waste volume because fluids can be re-used
  • High-quality components for reliability and long life

  • The water/sand mix enters from the top of the tank.
  • The special inlet area design makes the flow laminar for better decantation.
  • Sand settles at the bottom and is transported slowly through the submerged section of the U-trough (5 rpm). Once the level of the sand in the U-trough is higher than the water level and before reaching the discharge point, the excess water drains back down into the reservoir, leaving the sand relatively dry.
  • Floating debris is also removed.
  • Water is circulated through an overflow system.


  • Municipal wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater

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