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- Manhole Rehabilitation Rig



The sprayMASTER™ is a completely self-contained manhole mortar lining installation system. The sprayMASTER system comes fully equipped for the precise, low-velocity spray and/or spin-cast application of cementitious and geopolymer mortar manhole lining materials.

  • 250-gallon poly-lined water tank
  • 44 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Engine / Hydraulic Power Plant
  • 29 cfm/90 psi air compressor
  • 20-gallon capacity fuel cell
  • 40 psi hydraulically-powered water transfer pump
  • Fill-Rite water metering system
  • Ergonomically-positioned control center
  • 75-gallon capacity mixer with vertical shaft mixing blade
  • Three-stage progressive cavity, material pump and holding hopper
  • Center mount material platform; holds 1 pallet of Quadex™ material
  • Compact-designed, low-velocity, wet mortar spray nozzle

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