- Model NM20 - Weigh Down and Control Dust Emissions



MB Dustcontrol uses SprayWall hoses to weigh down and control dust emissions. A SprayWall hose consists of a 3' fire hose with special exchangeable nozzles and supports so the fog/spray can reach every corner. With a maximum pressure of 10 Bar, we can throw a fog/spray wall (or ceiling) up to 10 metres high. The hoses are delivered in lengths of 20 metres and can be quickly connected to each other to maximize the range.

  • Cross Docking: dust suppression
  • Recycling: dust suppression
  • Agriculture: humidification/cooling
  • Horticulture: humidification
  • Firefighting: firefighting/dust suppression
  • Demolition: dust suppression
  • Mining: dust suppression

  • The NM20 SprayWall hoses consists of:
  • Storz 66 couplings
  • 4 plastic setting blocks
  • End coupling Storz 66
  • 20 Exchangeable nozzles including filter

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