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DesbaTec Anlagentechnik GmbH

Model SRU-30 to SRU-265 - Vacuum Distillation/ Solvent Recycling Unit



The filling of the units SRU-30 to SRU-265 takes place fully automatic and is controlled by filling level regulation. At the end of the process the distillation residues are treated up to the desired residual solven rate. Therefore, almost unattended 24-hour operation is possible.

Instruments in the front panel inform about process pressure, solvent gas temperature and heating temperature of the unit. The discharging of the residues is done via the user-friendly cleaning aperture, which ensures safe operation due to an integrated O-ring seal.

The unit is equipped with switching cabinet and PLC controll unit. The control unit ensures the desired process flow and monitors the compliance of all safety relevant parameters. 

The vacuum unit reduces the boiling point of the solvent, avoiding thermal decomposition of the solvent. At the same time the energy consumption is decreased, solvent yield, performance and distillate quality as well as operation safety are greatly increased. Additionally the process under vacuum (and therefore the absence of oxygen) offers a improved explosion protection and a more favorable ex-zone classification.

Automatic and continous operation
  • No cooling phase of the unit
  • No manual filling

Horizontal distillation vessel

  • Easy discharging and cleaning
  • Neither tilting of the unit, nor residue bags needed
Prepared for water cooling
  • Emission minimized condensation of the solvent gases even at high ambient temperatures
Switching cabinet with electrical control system
  • Continous process flow
  • Monitoring/ compliance of the safety parameters
  • Designed for 24h operation (minimized unit supervision)

Systems engineering according to european regulations

  • Highest operational safety

Highest economic efficiency

  • Amortisation normally < 1 year
  • Low operational costs
  • High recovery rate (up to 98%) 

Process optimization

  • Production optimization through constant distillate quality
  • Minimization of disposal costs
  • Minimization of fresh goods purchase and storage costs
  • Minimization of disposition and handling expenditures

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