SSI Methyl Ester


Methyl Esters are oleochemicals derived from vegetable feedstocks. All methyl esters are not the same. Depending on the feedstock, the methyl ester may have significantly more lubricity or significantly more cleaning power (kB Value). Solvent Systems International produces several methyl ester products that provide these different properties allowing matching the right methyl ester with the desired application. Also SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester with its ultra-low SSI Methyl Ester xLVOC content of 1.4 g/l can qualify your product for a no VOC rating. Select from SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester, SSI Soy Methyl Ester, or SSI Canola Methyl Ester for your specific requirements.

SSI ME is great for lubrication product formulations. It has lower friction coefficients and 20% less evaporation rates than mineral oils. SSI ME reduces the risk of fires in applications such as metal cutting, has higher viscosity and an increased lubrication film than soy methyl ester. In addition, SSI ME has a longer lifespan than mineral lubricants and shows enhanced performance in applications where plant-derived lubricants have demonstrated efficiency improvements such as transmission systems. This makes SSI ME a great ingredient for metal working products as well as penetrants that SSI Methyl Ester xScompete with WD-40 products.

SSI ME excels in cleaning product formulations. It's Kb value of 67.3 is 16% higher than soy methyl ester's 58 Kb. SSI ME also leaves less residue than other methyl esters enabling it to provide even better cleaning.

SSI Soy Methyl Ester is one of the most popular types of methyl ester because of its versatility. It is a 100% soybean oil-based methyl ester that acts as natural, multipurpose solvent. It offers significant regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum solvents, and addresses the numerous EPA and environmental issues facing solvent users today. Soy Methyl Ester is non-toxic and non-flammable and is an extremely efficient solvent for industries in the printing, chemical formulating, and adhesives market. For more on SSI Soy Methyl Ester refer to the Information Sheet below. For pricing, call or send us a message using below form.

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