- Model 2400H - Portable Tire Shredder



This portable SSI Model 2400H is powered by a 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel engine and this engine drives the large hydraulic pumps which in turn drive a KYB 375-5 Hydraulic motor that powers the gear reducer on the shredder that drives the two main shafts and has 2811 actual hours on it.

The SSI 2400 is one of the best shredders around for the shredding of tires both semi-truck and passenger tires as well as many other products such as drums, e-waste, pallets, municipal waste, industrial waste, paper and light metals. This shredder has a cutting chamber that is 40” wide and 60” long and a tremendous amount of torque output at 72,135 ft x lbs. The shredders has 2 inch two hook knives. This includes a feed hopper, a foldup 14’ long x 50” wide infeed conveyor, an outfeed 12’ long x 22” wide discharge conveyor is located beneath the shredder that drops off the back 4’and the controls. The shredder and Cummins Diesel engine are both mounted on a heavy duty tandem axle trailer that is legal to be moved from one site to the next. This system new sells for more than $625,000.

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