- Model PR4400 - Heavy Duty Low Speed High Torque Industrial Primary Shredder



SSI’s PRI-MAX  PR4400 is a heavy duty, low-speed, high-torque industrial primary shredder designed for high capacity volume reduction of the toughest materials considered by others to be “non-shreddable”. SSI’s PRI-MAX  PR4400 primary reducer is more than a heavy duty shredder. It combines ripping and shearing technologies to shred, tear, pierce, chop, split, flatten, crush, break and reduce materials. The unique cutter profiles and patented open cutting table design are key to achieving high capacity reduction of virtually any material. With processing rates from 30 to 80 tons per hour, SSI’s PRI-MAX  PR4400 is one of the most comprehensive multi-material reducers in the world.

Active Cutting Zone Dimensions  1,940 x 2,425 mm (76½ X 95½ in)
Infeed Opening Dimensions  3,022 x 3,403 mm (119 x 134 in)
Infeed Capacity*  13 m3  (17.3 yd3)

Bi-Directional Shreding
Independent, bi-directional shaft rotation provides forward and reverse shredding to increase production and minimize bridging, jamming and wrapping around the shaft.

Heavy duty, open-grate cutting table and strategic cutter placement ensure that abrasives including aggregate, sand, soils and metal fragments will fall directly through the cutting table, reducing wear and operating costs.

Shreds almost everything at rates up to 80 tons per hour.

Unique cuter design
PRI-MAX® cutters optimize processing of multiple materials. High strength, wear resistant alloys maximize cutter life while minimizing operating costs.

Shreds Meta

No downtime or costly repairs due to tramp metal contaminants in the material stream.

High-torque, low-sped

Low-speed, hydraulic drive technology provides an environmentally friendly operation with low noise, low dust, minimized fines, high on-line reliability and low maintenance.

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