- Model ENDA-600 Series - Stack Gas Analyzer System

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HORIBA - Model ENDA-600 Series - Stack Gas Analyzer System

The ENDA-600 Series is a lineup of analyzers for the highly sensitive and accurate measurement of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 stack gases emitted from combustion furnaces and the boilers of thermoelectric power plants.

The units are capable of the simultaneous and continuous measurement of five different components using only one analysis device. The economical, space-saving, low-maintenance units offer stable monitoring over the long term and are equipped with such standard functions as automatic calibration, calculation, moving average, external confirmation direct output, and self-diagnosis. Offering superior operability and minimal maintenance, the sampling systems have been standardized into six types, including those for monitoring boiler gases, waste incineration, mining, and processing, thereby providing users with a choice of systems that meet the demands of a variety of fields and uses. For example, the ENDA-625 (CO/O2) is especially suited for stable combustion control and waste incineration plants, which are subject to laws regarding the emission of dioxins.


  • A single analysis unit provides continuous, highly accurate monitoring of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2.
  • A NOx/CO2 interferant element sensor provides continuous compensation and accurate NOx monitoring limits the influence of CO2.
  • The units are equipped with an automatic seven-day calibration function (standard) and can be equipped with a 1-9 day calibration function.
  • A purge controller automatically purges clogs due to dust on a set cycle.
  • The units are equipped with a reagent gas probe that is easy to insert and remove.
  • An independent humidity mechanism minimizes damage due to liquefaction (units for use at waste incinerators, electric power plants, and glass furnaces).
  • There is no alteration to any reagent gas composition, and a dust catcher completely removes SO3.


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HORIBA Europe GmbH
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