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Southwater LLC

Standby / Backup Water Purification Systems


Self contained turnkey backup, standby or supplemental water purification systems for healthcare, Pharmaceutical , Semiconductor or other institutions dependant on a Uninterrupted supply of pure fresh water.

The uninterupted supply of safe potable water is critical to many industries and institutions, recent events involving chemical spills and boil water notices have prompted managers and administrators to become proactive in providing a more reliable more secure water supply.

The CDC's Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

outlines the extensive precautions these facilities must take each and every time it's water supply is compromised or a boil water notice is issued. These precautions are costly time consuming and not always effective and they do nothing to maintain or restore the facility's abilty to serve the needs of the community and it's existing patients.

The CDC, AHA, USDHHS, AWWA and the DHS all agree that our water supply infrastructure is both neglected and vulnerable.

Our water treatment systems can provide an uninterupted supply of pure water to maintain full capacity and service in the event of a simple boil water notice or a more serious event such as natural disaster, an accidental or intentional introduction of toxins whether chemical or biological.

The systems use the most advanced technology available to effectively remove all organic and inorganic contaminants, they use NO CHEMICALS, are fully self-contained and can be easly installed at existing facilities. Although the processes used are very advanced they are very reliable with built in redundancy and do need highly trained personnel on staff. Additionally the systems have remote monitoring and control capability and the manufacturer offers service plans that include 24/7 monitoring and all PM service needs.

Each system is specifically designed for each application and is guarnateed to perform, comes with 1 year of service (all parts & labor) and 1 year of remote monitoring at our service center.

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