- Model 2 - Bathtub Steel End Dump Trailer



Job tested on over 20-million miles, carrying over 4-million tons, the new and stronger StarLite 2 is now here! Al 11,128 pounds, there's no other 38-foot or aluminum trailer that matches StarLite 2 performance. Since its original introduction, Clement has proven that a steel trailer can match the weight of aluminum trailers. The new StarLite 2 brings many new changes over the original StarLite, including a larger top rail, a redesigned headboard, and a stronger 3-leaf suspension. Every part and component of the new StarLite 2 has been reviewed with the goal of increasing trailer strength and durability, while maintaining the lightest weight possible. Lighter than most aluminum trailers, StarLite 2 gives you the strength of steel at an initial cost that's thousands of dollars less than comparable aluminum trailers.

Maintenance cost will also be reduced with the all-steel Star Lite 2. If maximum profits are important to you, see the Clement StarLite 2, the strength of steel and the payloads of aluminum!

Space-age body Star-Lite's brand new body shell has both curved sides and a curved floor. Every ounce of excess weight has been squeezed out.

Hat-shaped longitudinal StarLite 2's hat-shaped single longitudinal has the same wide support as two separate box longitudinals, yet its lighter and much stronger. The cross members in the center, and numerous weld joints are gone.

Wheels-on-ground dumping There are no axle stops on the Stariite2, so the wheels stay on the ground through the entire dump cycle.

Out of the way when dumping SideStar 2's near light box offers great visibility, but is out of harm's way when the trailer is dumped.

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