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- Semi - Automatic High Temp Combustion and UV/Persulfate TOC Analyzer



StarTOC Semi-Automatic Bench Top TOC is a low cost, accurate analyzer which utilizes components and software from the StarTOC Family of computer-controlled automated TOCs.  Since operation and maintenance are extremely simple, it may be the analyzer of choice when less than 20 samples per day are to be analyzed.

  • Stand-Alone (No External Computer)
  • Simple to Operate
  • Multi-Sample Sparge Station
  • Rapid Analysis
  • UV/Heated Persulfate
  • High Temperature Combustion (Option)
  • Fully Compliant with EPA & Standard Methods
  • Accurate Results

UV/Heated Persulfate

Excellent TOC accuracy from low parts-per-million to 1,000 ppm undiluted TOC concentrations, with minimum maintenance.

High Temperature Combustion

For difficult to oxidize or high TOC concentration samples requiring good accuracy of analysis.


TOC Systems’ Semi-Automatic Benchtop is a low-cost, accurate TOC analyzer which utilizes components and software from TOC Systems’ family of computer-controlled au- tomated TOCs. Since operation and maintenance are very simple, this model may be the analyzer of choice when less than 20 samples per day are to be analyzed.

The StarTOC Semi-Automatic analyzer is capable of TOC, TIC, and TC analysis using the following methods:

Sample is mixed with acid, lowering the pH to 2.0. This converts the inorganic carbon to dissolved CO 2 , which is Air/O 2 stripped out of he solution. Reagent is added if re- quired and the remaining organic carbon is then oxidized in the Reactor to form CO 2 , which is detected by the NDIR as a direct correlation to TOC.



1. Turn power switch on.
2. Add 0.2 ml acid to sample tube and sparge Three minutes (TOC).
3. Draw sample into syringe and place at sample injection port.
4. Inject sample as prompted by computer.
5. Read TOC value.

  • Specific, Interference-Free CO2 Detection
  • Single-Beam
  • Dual-Wavelength Ratioing Compensates for Drift
  • Computer-Controlled for Accuracy
  • Sapphire Protected Optics
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Reflective Sample Cell (Borosilicate)
  • No Moving Parts for Easy Maintenance and Service
  • No Critical Realignment Required

Detection Technique

The NDIR CO2 detector uses a solid-state, dual-wavelength system with a single borosilicate glass sample cell that requires no wall reflectivity or removal of acid gases. There is a reference and a CO 2 specific detector in the sample path. Use of the true zero filter eliminates water vapor interference. An infrared source is cycled on and off to avoid mechanical choppers required in alternate NDIRs. The Star NDIR has no moving parts.

Automatic gain control (AGC) is employed during the reference/ sample cycle to compensate for such factors as IR source dete- rioration, dirty optical windows, and detector gain changes. All critical optics are protected by sapphire windows. The sample cell can be easily removed and the windows cleaned within 3 minutes, without realignment or the use of any tools.

  • 5 Year Warranty on NDIR Sample Cell
  • 2 Year Warranty on Complete NDIR

TC (Total Carbon) - UV/Persulfate Oxidation;
TOC (Total Organic Carbon) manual acidification and sparging to eliminate inorganic carbon interference.
High Temperature Combustion Method (Option)
Measurement Ranges (std.) 0-20 through 0-1000ppm (Std.), Other ranges available
Display LCD, Operator Menu Prompting
Data Handling RS-232C
Response Time TC: 2 minutes after injection (nominal)
TOC: 3 minutes sparge (Manual)
Repeatability +/- 2% FS
Zero/Span Stability +/- 2% FS
Linearity +/- 2% FS
Suspended Solids 500 microns (max.)
Reagents (UV/Heated Persulfate) Sodium Persulfate: 1.6 ml/min while operating
(approx 5 ml/sample)
TOC Mode for TIC Removal Phosphoric Acid, 10% v/v: 0.2 ml/sample (nominal)
Calibration DI zero and one point span, chemical standard,
computer-stored calibration curves
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD)
20x20x10 inches, 51x51x25 cm
30 lbs., 14 kg.
Facility Requirements
115 +/- 10% VAC, 50/60 Hz (15 Amp Service)
220 +/- 10% VAC, 50/60 Hz (15 Amp Service)
O2 / Air Flow Rate 20-300 cc/min. (depending on application)
Drain Gravity drain vented to atmosphere

The analysis range and precision are affected by sample introduction, sample homogeneity, sample container
cleanliness, reagent purity, chemical standards preparations, gas purity and operator skill.

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