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- Ultra-Pure UV/NDIR Reagent-Less Oxidation



StarTOC UV Reagent-Less Oxidation with NDIR detection method offers the best choice for very low levels of TOC analysis in many applications. The analyzer is completely automatic, with an integral Microsoft* Windows-CE computer & Touch Screen Display. It eliminates troublesome & expensive factory reprogramming required by alternate microprocessors, when applications change. StarTOC allows easy Operator adjustments from the front panel and many more features, only provided by an integral, dedicated computer.

  • Microsoft Windows Touch Screen Computer
  • Dual NDIR Detectors Available
  • Automatic Carrier Gas Flow Controller
  • 2 Level Alarms; 1 Master Fault Alarm
  • 4-20 mA Outputs
  • RS-232/485 Outputs
  • Network Ready
  • Auto-Calibration/Auto-Clean
  • Benchmark/Auto-Validation
  • Correlated BOD/COD
  • Multi-Stream Analysis
  • NEMA 4X/IP 66

TOC Systems, Inc. uniquely offers all methods of TOC analysis* and recommends IJItrapure as the method of choice for many applications.

Only the StarTOC analyzers offer the features and reliability of operation associated with its team's pioneering experience in TOC analysis since 1969'.

Because we offer a full line of High Temperature Combustion, UV/Heated Persulfate, Ozone Promoted and Ultra-Pure TOC Analyzers, we are able to offer you objective, unbiased advice and can therefore fully commit our total resources to providing you the best possible installation.


  • TOC-True
  • or
  • NPOC
  • Microsoft Windows Touch Screen Computer
  • Digital Injection Sample Sample System
  • 2 Alarm Levels 1 Master Fault Alarm
  • 4-20 mA Outputs
  • RS-232C
  • Separate Electronics & Liquid Compartments
  • Rugged FRP Enclosure


  • Dual NDIR Analyzers
  • Correlated BOD/COD
  • Benchmark/Auto Validation
  • Auto-Cal/Auto-Clean
  • Automatic Multi-Range
  • Multi-Stream Analysis
  • 485 Output
  • Network Ready

  • Most Accessible for Service
    • No Local Repair
    • Parts Exchange Service Policy (overnight delivery of replacement modules)
  • Oxidizes particles up to 3 mm in diameter. (No sample valves to clog or jam)
  • Rugged FRP Enclosure allows direct outside installation and integral heating, cooling and purging, without requiring additional costly shelters.


Features & Benefits:

  • A single package, sample system fully integrated with the analyzer assures proper overall system operating conditions
  • A single source of total analytical responsibility, accountable to project management for its sucess.

Utilization of an onboard Windows CE computer allows direct networking. Central control of analyzer operation and data management are easily facilitated.

  • Difficult industrial samples requiring accurate TOC analysis with minimum maintenance.
  • Saline samples up to 26% salts without interference.
  • Other difficult to oxidixe samples


'NPOC' (Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon) mode is preferred for accuracy when no volatile organics are in the sample. Pump (P-1) delivers the sample to the sparger, where it is mixed with acid by pump (P-3) to lower its pH to approximately 2.0. At this pH, the inorganic carbon in the sample is converted to dissolved C02 and is stripped (sparged) from the sample by air/02 and vented to atmosphere, along with any purgeable/ volatile organics.  The carbonate-free sample is drawn from the sparger by pump (P-2) and delivered to the Reactor, where the remaining NPOCis oxidized to C02, which is measured by the NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared Analyzer) as a direct correlation of NPOC in the sample.  NPOC is often erroneously  reported as 'TOC'.


TOC-True mode is the preferred method of use if any volatile hydrocarbons are present in the sample, which would be lost in the Inorganic Carbon removal sparging stage in an 'NPOC' analysis. The TOC-True method measures both TC (Total Carbon) and TIC (Total Inorganic Carbon) for a more accurate and complete analysis of the total organics in the sample, including the purgeable/volatile organic carbon. By subtracting the TIC from the Total Carbon in the sample,

Benchmark^ is the validation technique, whereby on command a chemical calibration standard is automatically introduced to the analyzer and the response is compared to the previous analyzer calibration. If the response falls within a certain specified limit, the computer/output indicates 'Benchmark Passed'. If the response falls outside specified performance limits, either a 'Maintenance Request' or a 'Fault' alarm is activated, depending on preset tolerances. Thus, in cases of process spills, when the analyzer performance is questioned, Benchmark can rapidly and automatically validate analyzer performance. It eliminates time consuming and unnecessary recalibration cycles, which take the analyzer out of service just when it is most critically needed. Benchmark may be on-demand, or operator programmed for designated day and time activation on a repetitive basis.
Auto-Cal and Auto-Clean utilities are also in eluded in this option p/n 18039-1.

The NDIR C02 detector uses a solid-state, dual-wavelength system with a single borosilicate glass sample cell that requires no wall reflectivity. There is a reference and a C02 specific detector in the sample path. Use of the true zero filter eliminates water vapor interference and the requirement for chemically removing acid gases prior to detection. An infrared source is cycled on and off to avoid mechanical choppers required in alternate NDIRs. TheStarTOC NDIR has no moving parts.

Automatic gain control (AGC) is employed during the reference/sample cycle to compensatefor such factors asNDIR source deterioration .dirty optical windows, and detector gain changes. When the AGC level reaches a predetermi ned thresh old, the output alerts the Operator to check the NDIR . Malfunctions of major NDIR components are detected as an alarm, providing fail-safe operation. Signal detection is completely synchronous and , because of the differential technique of ratioing the Zero and C02 outputs, zero drift is virtually eliminated. All critical optics are protected by sapphire windows. The sample cell can be easily removed and the windows cleaned within 15 minutes, without realignment orthe use of any tools.

This absolute measuring, dual-line spectra comparison NDIR provides simple, direct measurement of all C02 contributing factors (including background) for a true and accurate calibration and precisely offsets these effects for very accurate TOC determinations. The consequences of water vapor interferences in low-level precision TOC analysis are avoided.

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