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Steam Regeneration Plant



This process is employed in presence of water low soluble solvents (ex. Toluene, Exane) and mainly in rotogravure printing, adhesive tapes, rubber production, extrusion and coating industries.


The solvent laden air is sucked from production by means of a fan, and after filtering and cooling, is sent to the adsoption section composed by adsorbers connected in parallel or in series.When the carbon is saturated, the regeneration with steam takes place.Hereafter mixture of water and solvent vapors produced is condensed and cooled.The solvents not soluble in water (like toluene, hexane, chlorinated hydrocarbon) are separated from water by means of a decanter, while the organic fraction dissolved in water is removed through stripping with air or steam.For further depuration of solvent, a distillation section can be employed.The regenerated carbon is cooled and dried with air in closed circuit (Donau Carbon/Lurgi Aktivkhole patent).

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