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- Model NES - Non-Ferrous Metal Separator



The mechanical recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of all recycling – and theSTEINERT NES Eddy Current Separator with Eccentric Pole System fulfills the associated requirements perfectly! High yield and long life are the qualities that make for assured, long-term operating result. The CanMaster is specially designed for separating coarse-grained aluminium and is the perfect solution for optimising aluminium recovery at a great price. The numerous advantages offered by theCanMasterspeak for themselves. Whether it is the efficient eccentric pole system, high sorting accuracy, extreme durability and easy maintenance, adjustable working widths, or integrated control unit – you will be hard-pressed to find a better price performance ratio on the market.

Function: Ejection of non-ferrous metals
Grain size: 1 - 200 mm
Throughput: 40 m3/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions)
Overall size: Diameter of pole drum = 500, 610 mm, Working width = 500 - 2500 mm

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