- Data Reader for Analog HydraProbe



The Hydra Data Reader is a handheld data reader device used to accurately acquire, store and display data directly from an analog HydraProbe soil sensor. The Hydra Data Reader displays soil moisture, bulk electrical conductivity and temperature on a small screen. Sampled data can then be stored, freeing the user from manual record keeping for use later, or the unit may be put into direct read-only mode. The user is prompted for a site ID number, and the recorded value is automatically given a date and time stamp.

The Data Reader downloads data to a PC for archiving, graphical presentation, and report generation. Software makes downloading simple and the data may be customized to specific user needs.

The Data Reader is rugged, compact, lightweight package. There are no maintenance requirements.

The durable ABS design allows for operation in harsh outdoor conditions and is rain and shock resistant. The membrane sealed keypad creates a dust-proof enclosure providing further protection against harsh field conditions.

Standard AA-Cell batteries power the unit, which typically provides 3,000 measurements for several months of operation.

  • Displays soil moisture, temperature and bulk electrical conductivity on a hand-held reader
  • Ideal for spot checking
  • Direct download of stored data to PC via USB cable
  • No maintenance or calibration requirements
  • Environmentally robust, lightweight and portable
  • Weatherproof connector for disconnecting the probe
  • Convenient and accurate


  • User ID sites: 255 sites
  • Logged data memory: 3,000 readings
  • Interface: USB
  • Accuracy: Same as Analog Hydra Probe
  • Sample time: Two seconds
  • Calibration: None needed


  • Batteries: 4 AA cell batteries
  • Battery life: 3,000 measurements (typical)
  • Data Backup: Separate battery retains logged values


  • LCD screen: 32 characters


  • Operating temperature: -5º C to +50º C
  • Storage temperature: -40º C to +65º C
  • Weather resistance: Rain and dust proof


  • Length x Width x Height: 7.75' x 1.75' x 4.0' (19cm x 4cm x 10cm)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (511 g)
  • Materials: ABS plastic

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