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Stinger has been at the forefront of the biomass and crop residue industry since its beginning. Stingers have stacked and roadsided millions of bales of biomass feedstock from coast to coast in the united states and beyond. From the rice fields of the sacramento valley, to the kenaf fields of north carolina,, and all across america's bread basket to canada and beyond the north american border. stingers have beeN tested and field proven in hauling and stacking crop residue on large scale projects at less cost, less maintenence and less downtime than any other machine in the world.

Stingers are capable of stacking 1000-2000 large square bales per day. in typical harvest conditions, customers can expect 80-120 bales per hour production to the corner of one quarter section field. Here are just a few of the biomass crops stingers are handling today...

  • wheat straw
  • Rice straw
  • Kenaf
  • switchgrass
  • miscanthus
  • corn stover/cobs
  • barley & oat straw
  • energy cane

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