MWK-Biogasanlagen Rosenheim GmbH

MWK-Biogasanlagen Rosenheim GmbH

Stirring Devices



To avoid floating and sediment layers, and for substrate homogenisation and substrate recirculation pressure water tight diving propeller stirring devices will be installed. The operating time of the stirring devices is regulated by the PCS (process control system).

With trained personnel, maintenance work to the stirring device can be carried out in the gas phase without shutting down each fermenter/digestor.     
As a pressure relief device for the digester a mechanical over- / under pressure relief device will be installed on a stainless steel frame that is pre-positioned when concreting the digester’s roof.

As a further protection for the digester with a rising scum layer, a weight-loaded inspection window is installed as a general protection in the over- / under pressure relief device.

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