- Model RTM Series - Mill



Suitable for all material with a humidity of less than 2% and a material hardness of max. 4 (Mohs scale), suitable for virtually all sectors where very fine grinding is required: minerals, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc. Product particle fineness d97, 8 ÷ 120 micron. Special application for toxic waste smoke treatment.

  • The grinding process is achieved by the impact of the material particles against the grinding track and against each other.
  • The grinding chamber is divided into two sections each with its own grinding disc.
  • The two discs are turning in different directions against each other thus generating the particle flow against the grinding track and against each other.
  • This grinding method results in an optimised energy efficiency.

  • Compact design, limited space requirement, easy installation.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption due to the electronic operation control system
  • Possibility to adjust the particle size at the control board even while the machine is running
  • Fully automatic operation process

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