- Model 32 oz Treats 8000 Gallons - Algaecide



Stocktrine II Algaecide effectively and economically controls algae growth commonly found in stock watering tanks, troughs and ponds. Treated water can be used immediately for stock watering.

Action: The active ingredient in this product inhibits or controls algae growth in stock watering tanks. Apply Stocktrine II Algaecide at least every other week in tanks and troughs and monthly in ponds to control existing growth and prevent regrowth. More frequent applications may be necessary during the summer months when water consumption and temperatures are high.

Contains Copper as elemental*: 1.25%


  • Safe for livestock watering tanks
  • Water treated with Stocktrine II can be used immediately
  • Inhibits algae growth
  • No restriction when used as directed
  • Control up to 8000 Gallons

Algae in stock watering tanks

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