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Stokota has been a European market leader in the production of fuel tank semitrailers, superstructures and trailers for many years. The advanced design and engineering has made our vehicles popular all over Europe. We build high quality tanks in aluminium or steel with a large package of standard equipment and a rich choice in options and varieties.

One of our most popular models is the Eurolight. It is designed according to the latest European regulations, as well as the most severe safety and environment requirements. With this model , we can offer you a 3-axle semitrailer (42m³) with a total weight of 4900 kg. The semitrailer has a specially designed light suspension and a very low gravity centre. The cylindrical shape enables a reduction in kerb weight and an increase in turnover stability. The tank is aluminium and cylindrical, with two compartments. It is equipped with bottom loading, vapour recovery system, gravity discharge and is fully equipped with LED lights to increase safety.

We can also help you in choosing the vehicle that exactly fit your needs. Our salespeople, in cooperation with our experienced engineering team, will support you in finding the best logistical solution for you.



  • Capacity: From 28.000 L to 48.000 L
  • Construction
    • Light aluminium tank, coffer-shaped or cylindrical;
    • Self-supporting construction. For off-road only coffer-shaped tanks and a steel chassis frame
  • ADR: Construction in accordance with ADR regulations for fuel transport cat.3
  • Material: Aluminium X-TRAL 728 in accordance with DIN
  • Compartments: Tank divided into 1 to 8 compartments
  • Welds: Supporting welds are given a radiographic check (10%)
  • Equipment for every compartment: Every compartment has a manhole, manhole flange, as well as a bottom valve flange
  • Additional equipment
    • Anti-slip cover over the whole tank, or a walkway in case the tank is cylindrical;
    • 2 drains at the rear of the tank that run through the inside of the tank;
    • Aluminium ladder with anti-slip rungs;
    • Collapsible railing on top of the tank;
    • Compartments for hoses over the entire length of the tank (1 on every side)
  • Fittings on top of tank (every compartment): 1 manhole cover DN 500 mm z with a DN 250 inlet, opening opposite to the driving direction
  • Fittings for unloading
    • Fittings for unloading are located in a closed aluminium cabinet with aluminium doors;
    • Release pipe DN 100 leading from the bottom valve on the right side of the vehicle;
    • Release valve DN 100 for gravity discharge
  • Unloading possibilities: Gravity discharge without measuring equipment
  • Chassis
    • The axle supporting elements are protected against corrosion;
    • BPW or SAF axles with pneumatic suspension;
    • Options: lift axle, self-steering axle;
    • Disc brakes or drum brakes;
    • Accepted load per axle: 9 ton
    • ABS system with 4 sensors.
  • Wheels and tyres
    • 6 or 7 wheels and tyres (incl. spare wheel)
    • Tyres 385/65 R 22.5
  • Pneumatic air compression system
    • Brake blocks and shoes asbestos free;
    • Double wire braking system with automatic slack adjustment (wireless);
    • The brake pressure is automatically adjusted to the load;
    • Membrane braking cylinder;
    • EBS system – HALDEX or WABCO, model 4S/2M, model 2S/2M or 4S/3M
  • Mudguards 6 plastic polyamide mudguards, equipped with splash guards on the rear axle
  • Additional equipment
    • 1 bumper with built-in electric lighting in aluminium;
    • 2 chocks (wedges) in holders
    • Electrical installation
    • 24V, 15-pin connection plug, or 2x7-pin connection plug, in accordance with ADR regulations;
    • Electrical equipment with anti-explosion safety;
    • The connection cable between the tractor and the semitrailer is not included;
    • Rear lighting consisting of 5 parts: Braking lights, indicator lights, fog lights, reversing lights and running lights;
    • Side outline with LED lights;
    • License plate light;
    • Reflectors on the rear of the tank;
    • 2 outline lights at the end of the bumpers
  • Accessories
    • 12 kg fire extinguisher;
    • Fire extinguisher in plastic cover;
    • 2 grounding bolts and 1 reel, manually operated with a grounding cable of 15 m;
    • Board with product indication;
    • Equipment in accordance with ADR regulations;
    • Manual and scheme of unloading fittings.
  • Painting: Before painting, the aluminium elements are etched, then painted with a primer and then painted with a high-quality two-component acrylic paint. Colour according to client’s wishes.
  • Extra
    • Water tightness test of tank and fittings;
    • Check of unloading fittings;
    • All certificates and manual concerning bottom loading, unloading and the vapour recovery system

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