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We have LPG semitrailers, superstructures, and trailers. The standard capacity for a semitrailer is 45m³, but 43m³, 48m³, and 50m³ are also possible. For superstructures the capacity ranges from 14m³ to 26m³, and for trailers this is from 22m³ to 36m³.

All LPG semitrailers, superstructures, and trailers are fitted with a sunshield, which allows the working pressure to be 19 bar and allows a test pressure of 25 bar. All tanks undergo a complete radiographic check to ensure maximum safety. That is also why all our LPG vehicles are equipped with ABS 4S/2M, EBS, RSS and disc brakes. We only use fittings of well-known quality producers, either chosen by us or by the client. The trailers are delivered with a hydraulic pump, with either a mechanical or electronic counter. All vehicles leave our factory with the appropriate certificates.

Besides producing standard semitrailers, Stokota can also adapt the semitrailer to the customer’s requirements, ensuring that the vehicle perfectly serves its purpose.

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