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A high volume of water is taken from the environment for human use. Demand for water is rising because the population is increasing, lifestyles are changing and the impacts of a changing climate are becoming more clear.  We need to plan carefully for the future to ensure reliable water supplies are available for everyone whilst protecting the natural environment.  Reducing the volume of mains water supplied means less water is taken from lakes, rivers and aquifers and more is left to benefit ecosystems and help sustain the water environment.  Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater directly from the surface(s) it falls on.

This water would otherwise have gone directly into the drainage system or been lost through evaporation and transpiration.  Always look for opportunity to be a great stewart to our environment, and remember that the extra cost of the initial stone, brick, concrete, or veneered cistern is ofter offset by the timeless impact of the age of the systems own lifespan.

Throughout the world  people have continued for centuries to collect rainwater, and much of the world today continues this practice.  Stone, brick, concrete, and veneered cisterns are not as common as the new technologies of wood, metal, fiberglass, and polymers, however they have an aesthetically appealing look for many applications, and can last much longer than the newer tanks on the market.  Rainwater harvesting is an ideal solution to our interminable need to conserve natural resources as demand continues to rise across the globe. Rainwater Harvesting has the many benefits: reduced demand for available water resources; harvesting rainwater dramatically decreases pollution of storm water and keeping our waterways clean by slowing surface runoff; foundations, basements and crawl spaces, as well as, the backing up of sewers from the lack of the ground around your home or business that can quickly peculate the excessive rainwater falling in short amounts of time can be used for other practical uses and slow flooding; what makes rainwater ideal is that it does not contain the chemicals that are typically present in municipal water, and even well water has many particles that are often not filtered out to make it soft and tasty.

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