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Stones Crusher



The crush any kind of stones at a depth from 100 mm up to 400 mm, for valuable culture especially vineyard and orchard. The forwarding speed of the stones crushers is 300/900 m/h at 2000/2200 rpm engine then the tractors must be supplied with the creep gear or vario gear. To get the maximum output by the fs you have to bring up the ground the stones (tilling the fields with a tiller tip) or to collect the stones with a windrower asl and to crush the stones in rows at a distance of about 6/8 m. We advice to use stamp hammers on the lime multiform stones, we advice to use special hammers on the flint, granite river stones not fixed with a size not over 200 mm diameter. The life of the hammers is relative to the degree of the abrasion of the ground and stones. Besides, the fs are used for reclaiming vegetables, sowing fields, roads and ski tracks.

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