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KWT Stop Logs (KSL) are similar to the KWT Stop Board in functionality. The logs can be rackstored, and come in many variations (sizes, thickness, material). They are used in surface-, sewer- and process water systems. A full stop log is composed from individually removable aluminum elements.

The KWT stop log is, for example, very suitable for dewatering a concrete pipe at a purification plant. The KSL has been designed to serve severa  positions when using its related accessories: it can be fully integrated, cast in or built up. The seal is able to block water flow on two sides. The KSL is watertight on three sides.

The KSL's functionality is highest when it needs to provide an efficient method of quickly closing off a canal or in-outlet flume in those cases when an accurate flow or level regulation is not required.

The logs require virtually no maintenance.
Functionality in both flow directions.
Fast and easy installation.
Aluminum stop logs can be stored in racks off site
HDPE guiding profiles ensure a smooth and effective sliding movement of the logs.
The EPDM sealing on every log can be easily replaced off-site when required.replaceable.

Dimensions: see table
Operating pressure : operating height x 1 MwC
Operation method : manual lifting
Operation point : lifting points on each log

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