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The stop logs are built by one or more horizontal elements, depending on the dimensions and weights to be obtained to move them. The stoplogs, are the barriers that are commonly used to facilitate the assembly of the Gates and other equipment located downstream (in dry conditions), in order to perform maintenance and provide security conditions for the personnel.

Normally one of the elements of the stoplogs are equipped with bypass valve, to allow the flooding of the compartments (at the end of the works), and then remove the elements with balanced load.

The stop logs composed of a single element can be moved with winches, lifting and pulling equipments. If it’s composed by more than one element, then is necessary to use an “expansion joint” engaging elements – from their storage to the positions within the guidelines.

i.e. Stoplog recently manufactured has 9×9 meters with 80 meters head, divided into 4 elements and another with 25 mca 9.7×13 meters divided into 5 elements.

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