Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

- Rainwater Treatment Plant



Treatment at the source for rainwater suited for alternative techniques with discharge into the natural environment or with infiltration into the ground

  • Performance: reduction in TTS, heavy metals, light liquids and associated pollutants

  • Validated effectiveness: 79.9% reduction in TTS, validated by independent laboratory IKT in Germany. Follow-up in operation for one year. Certification in Germany (NRW) according to the Dibt method.

  • Technological innovation: winning product at Eco-Innovation by CD2E in 2011

  • Compactness: structure Ø1000 mm, easy to implement

  • Durability: use of inert and corrosion-resistant materials

  • Easy to operate and maintain: full access and technical landing above the settling zone

  • Decennial warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers


STOPPOL ensures screening, settling and filtration of runoff water downstream of the drains and for catchment areas < 1000 m²


STOPPOL 10C enables treatment of rainwater, by screening and settling. The STOPPOL® 10CKF version has an additional filtering compartment for treating dissolved pollution (PAHs, COD, heavy metals...)

  • Sandwich board composite casing

  • Removable basket at the input for screening macro-waste

  • Settling skid with independent cups

  • Trap partition at the output for retaining light liquids

  • Polyester duckboard for access to equipment

  • Sludge withdrawal column with fireman’s connector DN 80

  • Connections with lip seals

  • Lifting ring

  • Composite riser to be cut on site - REHSTOP

  • Composite cover D400 full access - COU1000D

  • Composite cover A15 full access - COU1000LR

  • Sludge blanket detection alarm - KAB06

  • Replacement filter - KFILSTOP

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