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Storage of Biomass


Green AgBags (known as EcoPods) can be used for the storage of biomass, prior to the production of biogas – and also after digestion, prior to spreading to land. Our flexible storage system allows the use of different forages (e.g. corn silage; bovine slurry, moist grain, press pulp, etc.) as well as the ability to change the basic parameters.

Bagging before digestion (or bio-drying) actually dries and conserves nutrients - biomass will also burn more efficiently if allowed to dry. Using a patented aeration system, the air in the AgBag is effectively controlled to ensure the quality of the stored material. This also has the added advantage of eliminating odour problems, as aerated materials do not smell. The quality of biomass stored in AgBags is very high, due to low level losses and the total sealing of the contents during the storage period.

AgBagging after digestion ensures the nutrients are conserved and also conditions the material before spreading to land. AgBagging makes the material more spreadable and it can easily be stored in preparation for seasonal requirements.

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