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The StormBasin is designed to capture and retain the primary pollutants associated with storm water runoff, namely, sediments, trash, vegetation, oils/ and dissolved heavy metals such as Lead, Copper, Cadmium and Chromium. The large sediment and debris basin provides ample storage volume for sediments, trash and debris carried in storm water flows; Over 8 cu ft in the 30 x 48” size. The basins’ design includes a “hooded” by-pass to eliminate the potential for flooding during extreme storm events while still retaining sediments and debris. The design also keeps the captured material dry simplifying service and reducing disposal costs.


The lightweight filter cartridge comes fully assembled and snaps into place with a quick twist. Filter cartridges are available in various configurations allowing you to fine tune performance in terms of sediments and debris, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, toxic chemicals and more. The modular cartridge design allows quick and easy replacement while containing the spent material for safe transportation and disposal.

No other product offers the capability and performance of the StormBasin at such a highly competitive price. In addition the long life and low cost of ownership makes the StormBasin a sound decision now and well into the future.

The StormBasin sediment basin is available in two configurations, rectangular and circular. The basin accepts a range of cartridges which can be configured to deal with a variety of pollutant loads. The flow rate performance of the StormBasin range is listed below.

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