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- Model MIX - Strip Brushes



A Strip Brush is a brush consisting of natural or synthetic strands (Polypropylene, flat or crimped zinced steel wire) held tight and firmly in place by a holding wire and U-shaped metal channel.

Strip Brush – The production process

During the production process the metal channel is first formed from flat steel into a “U”. Next, the filaments are folded into a “U” shape with a holding wire lying at the bottom of the formed filaments. Finally the filaments and holding wire are inserted into the metal channel just before the metal channel is squeezed tightly, securing the strands and creating a Strip Brush.

The type of the filled material:

  • polypropylene (PP) in various diameters + 0.5 mm crimped or flat wire (MIX)


  • plywood plate
  • plastic
  • metal channel

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