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- Model 25 Series - Subsurface Stormwater Storages



The StormTank Module 25 Series is the flagship product of the StormTank brand, offering a stormwater management solution rated for extreme load applications. It can be sized and configured to fit nearly any site layout. With up to 97% void space and a stackable design, the system minimizes installation footprint while allowing for management of large volumes of water.

The StormTank Module 25 Series is a subsurface stormwater storage unit commonly used for stormwater retention, detention, infiltration, and rainwater harvesting applications. It is load-rated for extreme applications, like heavy truck or under fire access roads, offering maximum strength while allowing for utilization of valuable land.

The Module 25 Series system can be flexibly designed to meet your specific site requirements and achieve compliance with strict runoff regulations. It is easily designed around existing structures and tight constraints, offered in a range of column heights to vary storage capacity and is stackable to reduce installation footprint.

  • Extensively tested in a full-scale installation setting
  • Maximum 97% void space
  • Available in six heights, including 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 33-, and 36-inch
  • Nominal footprint: 18″ x 36″

Storm Tank offers support during the design, review, and construction phases of the Module system. StormTank modules are delivered to the site as palletized components requiring simple assembly. No special equipment, tools, or bonding agents are required; only a rubber mallet.

We recommend that the installing contractor contact either StormTank or the local distributor prior to installation of the system to schedule a pre-construction meeting. This meeting will ensure that the installing contractor has a firm understanding of the installation instructions.


Retention / Detention

StormTank Module systems are used to regulate the flow of stormwater. They are designed to restrict the discharge rate of stormwater runoff by providing large-volume storage and incorporating an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration.



In infiltration systems, the Module is used to temporarily store stormwater runoff until it is able to percolate into the surrounding soil and recharge the groundwater table.


Rainwater Harvesting

The modular basins use an impermeable liner to detain runoff and a pump to circulate grey water, reducing demand on the potable water supply and improving sustainability.


Flood Mitigation

The modular basins compensate for areas that lack or require additional capacity by providing the necessary stormwater runoff solutions to allow for utilization of previously inaccessible land.


High Void Space

With models providing as much as 97% void space, the Module offers the largest void space of any subsurface stormwater management system currently on the market.


Open Design

The Module system does not include any internal walls or partitions, allowing for easy inspection and maintenance.


Top & Bottom Panels

Durable polypropylene panels (platens) are engineered for stability and uniformly distribute load to the modular basin columns.


Reinforced Columns

PVC columns are designed with reinforcing structural ribs. They are available in five different heights and enable system stackability.

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