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The STS RadEye Simulation Probes consist of a simulated  probe housing STS electronics and cable connector so that it will operate with a real Thermo RadEye SX meter. This probe detects the gas given off by the STS simulant, which has been applied to the surface to be monitored. This “radiation” may be detected by passing the probe close to and slowly over the surface, as would be done with a real probe when used by a skilled operator. Too fast, or too far away results in no detection – excellent training!

STS are pleased to announce the launch of the first ever simulated probe to work with an unmodified Thermo Radeye SX. The new smart probes connect via a standard BNC cable to a users existing RadEye which retains its full functionality. The probe automatically turns on when the RadEye is powered on and utilises STS’s highly successful gas simulation system.

The new smart probes are available in either a modified DP6 body or as an enlarged AP2 style probe. Both house all the STS electronics , detections system and batteries within the probe housing. The probes run on standard Alkaline AA cells and are good for in excess of 10 hours continual operation. Probes are supplied with a 1.5M cable and come with a 12 month warranty.

Simulated training instruments offer huge benefits to the users. Zero exposure to radioactive sources, more available working hours as training does not eat into annual dose allowances, the ability to train repeatedly on maintenance tasks to improve accuracy and efficiency. Simulation also allows trainees to experience situations that they cannot train for – very high doses, high level contamination can all be recreated at zero risk.

STS Contamination simulators use a clear odourless liquid spray to produce contamination on a surface to be monitored. The spray is virtually invisible on most surfaces and will last for 2 to 4 hours depending on the surface applied to.

The liquid source material (LS1) is transferable and so is ideal for demonstrating the hazards of cross contamination from surfaces to clothing and equipment. The contaminated surface may be cleaned using standard methods and then re-monitored to demonstrate effective decontamination techniques.

The Smart Probes uniquely turn themselves on when the instrument is switched on.

Cross contamination can easily be demonstrated to Nuclear industry trainees, as can decontamination – both benefits of using a “real” contamination, even if not radioactive.
The contamination lasts at room temperature for 1-2 hours but totally evaporates within 24hrs leaving the training area ready for the next exercise.

The Probe is currently available in 2 variants:

  • An Enlarged AP2 style probe and as a modified DP6 Probe

STS manufacture a wide range of simulators for many manufacturers products. We are happy to consider your specific requirements.

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