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Sample for volatile organic and inorganic compounds from beneath floor slabs. Sub-slab sampling and routine monitoring has become an integral part of vapor intrusion investigations. The AMS Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kit provides a semi-permanent probe, designed to allow repeated sampling over time in order to assess the potential of contaminated vapor intrusion from beneath buildings and offers an opportunity to collect samples directly beneath the floor slab of a building.

  • Sub-Slab GVP Kit Includes: Stainless Steel 3” (length) implant, Rubber Shaft Plug, Connectors, Top Plug, Hose B, Stainless Steel Tube 1/4” x 12” x 0.35.”
  • Tamper-Resistant Sub-Slab GVP Kit also Includes: 2' stainless steel tamper-resistant top cap.
  • Sub-Slab GVP Installation Kit Includes: Five stainless steel 3” (length) implant, five rubber shaft plugs, connectors, five top plugs, five hose barb adapter, five 1/4” x 12” x 0.35' stainless steel tubes, five tamper-resistant top caps, mini stainless steel ball-valve adapter, 1' x 16' x 21' SDS Max bit, 2' x 3' x 16' SDS Max core bit, screw driver, and a tee-handle allen wrench.

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The AMS Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe has been designed to lay flush on the upper surface of the slab as to not interfere with daily use of the area. The probe is sealed with a threaded stainless steel cap which includes a tamper-resistant spanner fitting.

Prior to drilling holes in a foundation or slab, contact local utility companies to identify and mark utilities coming into the building from the outside (e.g., gas, water, sewer, refrigerant, and electrical lines). Consult with a local electrician and plumber to identify the location of the utilities inside the building.

Prior to fabrication of sub-slab vapor probes, drill a pilot hole to assess the thickness of a slab. Use a small portable vacuum cleaner or shop vac to remove cuttings from the hole.

Using a 2” diameter core bit, bore a hole approximately 3/16” deep. This will allow you to counter sink the top cap so that it is flush with the slab. (Refer to Figure 1).

Then use a 1” masonry bit to bore through the remainder of the slab until sub-slab is reached. A 3” deep hole in the sub-slab is required so that the entire length of the screen can be exposed to the sub-slab.

Set sub-slab unit in hole. Grout the unit in with a quick-drying Portland Cement – which expands upon drying (to ensure a tight seal). Allow cement to cure for at least 24 hours prior to sampling.

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