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Submersible Transducer Wireline Stainless Steel Cable



The armor wires are high tensile, Stainless Steel Alloy 316. Wires are preformed and cables are post tensioned. UNS S31600 for (SS316), tensile strength of each wire is 235,000 psi (165 Kg/mm2). Core assembly.Copper strand consists of four wires around a center core. Conductor resistance is measured at 68 deg. F. Voids in the copper strand are filled with a water-blocking agent to reduce water and gas migration. The temperature rating assumes a normal gradient for both temperature and weight.

Cable Diameter

3/16” nominal

4.80 mm nominal

Minimum Sheave Diameter


25 cm

Cable Stretch Coefficient

4.25 ft/Kft/Klbs

4.78 m/km/5KN

Temperature Rating

300 F

149 C

Insulation and Core Jacket Material



Cable Weight in Air

61 lbs/Kft

90 Kg/Km

Cable Weight in Water

50 lbs/Kft

74 Kg/Km

Maximum Conductor Voltage 500 VDC, 500 VAC
Conductor AWG Rating 23
Minimum Insulation Resistance 1,500 MegΩKft @ 500 VDC 457 MegΩKm @ 500 VDC
Armor Electrical Resistance 28.5 Ω/Kft 93.5 Ω/Km

Cable Breaking Strength
Ends Fixed: 2,600 lbs 11.57 KN
Ends Free: 1,600 lbs 7.1 KN
Maximum Suggested Working Tension: 1,300 lbs 5.78 KN
Number and Size of Wires
Inner Armor 18 X 0.0185” 0.470 mm
Outer Armor 18 X 0.0248” 0.630 mm
Average Wire Breaking Strength
Inner Armor 57 lbs 0.253 KN
Outer Armor 102 lbs 0.445 KN

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