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- Upgrade Solution for Existing Wastewater Treatment Basins


Upgrade to conventional wastewater treatment plant with Submerged MABR Solution. SUBRE is a highly efficient, cost effective upgrade solution for existing wastewater treatment basins of conventional activated sludge (CAS) processes. SUBRE achieves excellent nutrient (TN, TP) removal even in basins that were not designed for this function, without reducing the basin's treatment capacity. SUBRE utilizes Fluence’s Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology, to increase a plant's capacity and improve effluent quality.

Fluence's MABR is an innovative, well validated technology for low-energy treatment of municipal wastewater. It uses a spirally wound, self-respiring membrane sleeve to provide aeration by diffusion for the wastewater treatment process. The spiral membrane module at the heart of the biological reactor performs simultaneous BOD, TN and TP removal, all in a single pass.

The SUBRE upgrade will achieve

  • Enhanced Nitrogen removal
  • Enhanced Bio-Phosphorous removal
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved effluent quality
  • Decrease operational costs by up to 30%.

MABR Modules outperform attached growth solutions such as MBBR and IFAS with:

  • Higher nitrification rate achieved in a once-through process
  • Enhanced Biological Phosphorus removal
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower chemicals usage.

SUBRE Typical Enhanced Nutrient Removal Values (mg/l)

  • Basin Sizes: 2,000 - 100,000 m³/d (0.5 - 25 MGD)
  • MABR Modules are installed inside an existing reactor (10%-30% of reactor area)
  • A partition is set up between the anoxic MABR zone and the aerobic zone
  • Mixed Liquor nitrate circulation is ceased

  • Utilizing existing basins and existing aeration equipment
  • With minimal interference to plant operation (basin-by-basin) SUBRE Submerged MABR Solution

  • Simultaneous Nitrification and De-nitrification (SND) is performed to meet effluent requirements
  • Enhanced Bio-Phosphorous Removal (EBPR) processes remove 80%-90% of phosphorous compounds
  • Decrease of 20%-30% in the WWTP’s energy consumption

  • Saves energy and environmental footprint
  • Low chemical consumption (coagulant)
  • Cancels nitrate circulation3
  • Simplifies operation, and reduces footprint
  • Saves CapEx - eliminates need to build new basins

  • Typical SUBRE upgrade reduces energy consumption by 20%-30%
  • Integral Enhanced Bio-Phosphorous Removal
  • Simultaneous Nitrification and De-nitrification
  • Increase flow rate while keeping effluent quality constant

  • 1-4 spiral membranes with a steel cage
  • 1.5m-5.2m total height
  • Adjustable base (0.25-0.8m)

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