SubSurface Leak Detection Inc

- Model LC-2500 - Leak Noise Correlator



Large LCD Display readable in very cold and hot temperatures.

Compact and Light-Weight

The Main Processor Unit, weighing less than 7 lb., can easily be carried all day.

Ruggedly Built and Weather-Tight

The Main Processor Unit and the Pre-Amps/Transmitters can operate in rain storms, sub-zero temps., and direct sun for hours.

High Sensitivity Sensors Standard

The new LC-2500 sensors are very sensitive, small in diameter, and totally submersible.

No Built-In Rechargables

Runs all day on standard or rechargeable “D” batteries.

Easy to Set Up and Run

Input pipe materials, diameters, and lengths by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest.

  1. LC-2500 Main Processor Unit
  2. Blue Pre-Amplifier with Radio Communication
  3. Red Pre-Amplifier with Radio Communication
  4. Two High Sensitivity, Small Diameter Sensors for Metal Pipes
  5. Aviation-Grade Headphones   
  6. Instruction Manual and Field Guide (not shown)
  7. Two “Heavy Duty” Plastic Carrying Cases

  • Two Red Sensors for PVC Pipes, “Poly” Services, and Large Diameter Mains 
  • LC-2500 Windows™ PC Software (for downloading)


Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 50°C

Applicable Standard: IP52 (weather tight)

External Dimensions: 7.8 inches (W) x 4.0 inches (D) x 9.9 inches (H)

Weight: Approx. 6.8 lb. (with batteries)

Battery: 4 “D” Cells (std or rechargeable)

Continuous Operating Time:
13 hours minimum (at 20°C, backlight OFF)

Minimum Operating Voltage: 4.2V

Input: Radio or Cable

Display: Dot matrix LCD

Operation: Polarity correlation

Td Range:
±50ms, ±100ms, ±200ms, ±400ms,
±800ms, ±1600ms or automatic setting

Time Resolution:
25 µs (in ±50ms range),
50 µs (in ±100ms range),
100 µs (in ±200ms range),
200 µs (in ±400ms range),
400 µs (in ±800ms range),
800 µs (in ±1600ms range)

Filter Range: THRU, 80Hz to 5,000Hz
(4 low and 4 high)

Notch filter: OFF, 50Hz, 60Hz

Auto Filter: Automatically selected from FFT operation

Data Memory: 100 correlations

FFT Monitor: 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz
(common to both channels)

Sound memory: For 16 seconds

External Interface: RS-232C


Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 50°C

Applicable Standard: IP52 (weather tight)

External Dimensions : 5.9 inches (W) x 4.3 inches (D) x 14.5 inches (H)

Weight: Approx. 6.3 lb. (with batteries)

Battery: 6 “D” Cells (std or rechargeable)

Continuous Operating Time: 10 hours minimum (at 20°C, backlight OFF)

Minimum Operating Voltage: 6.0V


Input Frequency Range:
20Hz to 5kHz (at THRU filter setting)
100Hz to 5KHz (at STD filter setting)

Input Sensitivity: 50 micro V, max.

Signal to Noise Ratio: 35dB, min.


Output Frequency:
UHF under approved freq.

Modulation: Direct frequency modulation

Output Power: 0.5W (500mW)

Output Impedance: 50 ohms


Type: Piezoelectric pick-up

Voltage Sensitivity : 2.5V/g (peak)

Applicable Standard: IP68 (water-proof)

Drop Resistance: 3 feet (asphalt)

External Dimensions: 1.2 inches diameter x 5.1 inches high

Weight: 15 ounces each

Power Supply System: 3-wire

Output Impedance: 100 ohms, max.

Power Supply Voltage: 5.0V

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