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Suction Lift Scrapers


We are proud of our recent track record having designed and installed over £2.5 million worth of suction lift technology in recent times, giving A&J Water Treatment considerable experience in this field. As an alternative to traditional rotating scrapers which move sludge to a central hopper for abstraction, these collect the sludge within the chevron pattern scraper blades as the machine travels around the tank and the sludge is then abstracted directly by suction tubes from these points. The level of suction at each suction tube can be discretely adjusted from the bridge deck.

Suction-lift scrapers have many advantages, including:

  • No need for a central sludge collection hopper or sloped tank floor thereby simplifying civil construction greatly.
  • The profile permits a deeper side wall depth, benefitting the settlement flow patterns within the tank, thus improving performance.
  • Rapid sludge removal - Abstraction-at-source operation reduces sludge age within the tank and allows the outside of the sludge blanket to be removed preferentially to avoid movement of suspended solids plumes over the weirs.
  • Balanced hydraulic design - bespoke system analysis by experienced engineers ensure that each system is optimised for the required process / flows.

Standard features of suction-lift scrapers include:

  • Automatic greasing system for slew-ring bearing.
  • Loss of motion detection, over-torque protection and loss of suction / blockage detection to protect the core scraper functions.
  • All on-bridge equipment pre-wired prior to delivery.
  • Intelligent self priming system.

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