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- Model UPW - Sievers Boron Analyzer


Continuous, online monitoring of boron with Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer. The Sievers Boron Analyzers enable continuous, unattended online monitoring of ultra-low levels of boron in deionized ultrapure water applications. It's able to run 10 samples per hour and has a limit of detection (LOD) of 15 ppt boron. The Sievers Boron Analyzer is designed to meet the needs of facility managers, DI water engineers, and fab process engineers.

Easy to operate and maintain

The Sievers Boron Analyzer predicts mixed-bed exhaustion, optimizes EDI performance and controls polishing loop boron levels. The boron analyzer detects an increase in boron prior to silica release, making it useful to prevent the leakage of silica into your ultrapure water. The Sievers Boron Analyzer can significantly reduce operating expenses and maintain quality in UPW systems.

Enhanced reliability and greater uptime in challenging applications  

  • Continuous, on-line monitoring as low as 15 ppt B  
  • Multi-stream options – up to four sample streams  
  • Extensive suite of outputs – four isolated 4–20 mA outputs, one isolated RS-232, one universal parallel printer port, two alarm outputs, and four isolated binary outputs 
  • Minimal maintenance and consumables  
  • Accessories kit includes accessories needed for setup 


  • Semiconductor Ultrapure Process Water 
  • Ultrapure Water Power Applications

  • Operating Specifications
  • Concentration Range 0.015 to 20 ppb B
  • Limit of Detection (LOD) 0.015 ppb B
  • Accuracy ± 0.01 ppb B <0.05 ppb B
  • ± 15% >0.05 ppb B
  • Precision ± 3% or 0.005 ppb B, whichever is greater
  • Minimum Sample
  • Resistivity
  • 15 megaohms–cm
  • Sample Temperature 15°-40°C
  • Sample Flow Rate 0.1 –0.5 L/min
  • Ambient Temperature 10°C–40°C
  • Sample Pressure 20–100 psig (138-689 kPa)
  • Calibration Stability Typically 12 months
  • Sample Particulates 15 micron sample pre-filtration
  • Waste Gravity Drain (no back pressure)

Instrument Specifications

  • Inputs 5 isolated binary inputs
  • Outputs 4 isolated 4-20mA outputs, 1 RS-232 (isolated), 1 universal parallel printer port, 2 alarm outputs, 4 isolated binary outputs
  • Dimensions
  • 20.625 H x 17.25 W x 12.25 D inches (53 x 44 x 31 cm)
  • Weight 48 lbs (22kg)
  • Certifications CE (click here for the Declaration of Conformity)


  • Boron Reagent 90 days @ 12 minute sampling rate
  • 45 days @ 6.5 minute sampling rate
  • Reagent Column 12 months
  • Zero Column 12 months

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