Model SUF-SUFV Series - Self Cleaning Screen Filters



SUFV/SUF series filters are automatic hydraulic filters which combine the advantages of high quality filtration from variant water sources (sewage, lakes, rivers,  etc.) with self-cleaning function, providing to the system continuous water supply. The SUFV filters meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial, municipal and irrigation applications.

Operation: The filter is equipped with a coarse screen that protects the finer screen from pebbles and larger particles. The main element is made of stainless steel with a large filtration open area for water flow in order to withstand high dirt load and pressure. Cleaning of the screen commence once the pressure loss (ΔP) across the filter has reached the pre-set figure (up to 0.5 bar).During the cleaning phase the flushing valve opens and pressure is released from the hydraulic piston and flows outside through the flushing valve. Pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the dirt collector is significantly lowered, the dirt collector nozzles movement and rotation cleans the surface of the screen. The flushing cycle takes 20 seconds. The flushing valve closes at the end of the cycle and the filter is clean. Over the entire process water supply is uninterrupted.

Advantages: Combine the advantages of high quality filtration from variant water sources with self-cleaning characteristics, offering to the system a continuous water supply.

Flow rates  up to 300  m3/h
Sizes  2' - 8''
Max. working pressure  10 bar

Construction materials
Housing  S235JR carbon steel
Lid  S235JR carbon steel
Cartridge  Polypropylene - Stainless steel AISI304
Screen  Stainless steel AISI304
Seals  EPDM
Coating  Chemical pre-treatment of surface, Polyester
electrostatic powder up to 120micron

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