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New Sky’s Sulfur Cycle Processes (SulfurCycle and SulfurCycle E) are energy efficient gas sweetening technologies that scrub H2S (and CO2, by SulfurCycle E) from sour natural gas, bio-methane and other gas streams. SulfurCycle is a breakthrough, ultra low cost H2S control technology that is currently deployed in the oil & gas and biogas industries, and in trials for deployment for landfill gas.

  • lowest cost, most sustainable gas sweetening technology
  • onsite regeneration of capture agent reduces operating costs by 90% relative to conventional H2S scavengers
  • enables dramatic reduction in use of metal salts in anaerobic digesters
  • simple scrubbers reduce capital costs by 8-12x relative to biological and catalytic H2S control technologies
  • converts H2S to pure elemental sulfur

New Sky has two commercial operations in Wyoming, sweetening sour natural gas wells owned and operated by a major oil and gas producer. New Sky is also operating pilot projects in the Municipal Water Treatment industry, located in Colorado and California; and New Sky is working with a major U.S. solid waste management provider to deploy SulfurCycle to treat landfill gas.


  • vs. Scavengers (SulfaTreat, Iron Sponge) — 7X lower operating cost for comparable CapEx: Conventional scavengers serve the low volume end of the sulfur treatment market (
  • vs. Liquid Redox / Biological (LO-CAT, Paques) — 8-12X lower CapEx with comparable operating cost:
    Liquid redox and biological control H2S technologies, such as LO-CAT, serve the mid-volume market (0.5-10 TPD), utilizing complex chemistries and costly equipment to reduce operating costs. New Sky’s “regenerable scavenger” technology avoids the high capital costs of liquid redox and biological processes while offering low operating costs.

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