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- Acid Gas Adsorbent



Pure Air Filtration’s Sulphasorb has been used in the pulp & paper and refinery markets for over forty years. This product targets those gases which are predominant in this environment, especially Hydrogen Sulphide. Pure Air starts with the highest grade activated carbon. This ensures that the greatest possible adsorption capacity is reached. The carbon is then impregnated with an acid gas neutralizing compound and a proprietary reagent which improves its neutralizing efficiency. This product is designed to perform exceptionally well in all scrubbers including Westvaco vapor adsorbers and Purafil tub scrubbers.

General Description: Porous, cylindrical pellets of high grade bituminous activated carbon.

  • H2S Removal Capacity (by volume): 0.15 g/cc
  • Removal Capacity by weight: H2S: 26% ; SO2: 7% ;Cl2: 10%
  • CTC value: 70% min
  • Surface Area: 1050 m2/g
  • Density: 580 kg/m3
  • Moisture Content: 15%
  • Hardness: 97 min
  • Ignition Temperature: 425 C

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