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- Model Sulphasorb XL - Adsorbent Media



Pure Air Filtration’s Sulphasorb XL adsorbent media has the highest hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal capacity commercially available. H2S is the primary gas in sewage odors and industrial process gases. This high capacity (greater than 0.30 g/cc which is more than 50 percent by weight) gives Pure Air Filtration gas removal systems the capability to provide long lasting, highly efficient gas & odor removal systems. This provides our customers with the lowest cost of ownership along with the highest level of effectiveness.

Sulphasorb XL was developed to provide our customers with the highest extended life. While it targets the same gases as Sulphasorb, Sulphasorb XL has a capacity for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) which is roughly 60 percent greater typical products in the market. Pure Air does not impregnate this carbon. The neutralizing properties are a result of extremely high porosity in combination with substances naturally occurring in the base carbon source.

Sulphasorb XL performs exceptionally well not only in PureAir scrubbers, but also as replacement media in scrubbers manufactured by other companies.

General Description: Porous, cylindrical pellets of high grade bituminous activated carbon.


  • H2S Removal Capacity (by volume): 0.30 g/cc
  • Removal Capacity (by weight): H2S: 41%
  • CTC value: 70% min
  • Surface Area: 1050 m2/g
  • Density: .58 g/ml
  • Moisture Content: 15%
  • Hardness: 97 min
  • Ignition Temperature: 425 C
  • Iodine No.: 1050 mg/g
  • Butane Activity, (weight%): 23.3%
  • Mean Particle Diameter: 3.4 mm

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