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- Scaba Top-Mounted Vertical Agitators


Scaba top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating process liquids in many industries, including wastewater and industrial applications. They ensure homogenous mixing results, high process reliability, high efficiency, low operating costs and low environmental stress. A comprehensive range of standardized agitators are available within the Scaba TreatX concept, especially suitable for selected applications in water and wastewater industries.

  • Long and trusted experience in all industrial segments
  • Excellent performance
  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications, as well lighter duties
  • Unique, patented, and superior design features minimize life-cycle costs
  • Dense standardization available within the Scaba TreatX concept
  • Quick and easy installation, safe operation, easy maintenance and service

  • Mixing in tanks and basins
  • Clean and lightly contaminated liquids
  • Viscose liquids
  • Fibrous slurries
  • Large solids containing liquids
  • Suspensions
  • Dispersions

  • Versatile, reliable, high-efficiency mixing hydraulics and material options
  • Reliable operation and reduced costs
  • Reliable, simplified and heavy-duty bearing unit
  • Modular design minimizes the spare part inventory costs

  • Temperatures: Up to 350°C / 662°F
  • Propeller diameter: 100 mm up to 6 m / 4 to 236 in
  • Shaft length: Up to 30 m / 100 ft


An agitator for flocculation with efficient hydraulic, low shear forces and robust design.


A cross section of a Scaba agitator in a digester application.


Scaba top-mounted agitator installed in a coating kitchen.


Top-mounted agitators are often used in latency chests in chemical pulp mills.


The Scaba range includes various propeller types to suit many different applications


CFD simulation of a municipal digester, showing high liquid velocity will prevent sedimentation

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