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- Model GDD - Gastight Ceiling Lead Through



The gastight ceiling lead through (GDD) is as standard manufactured for concrete tanks and on request also available for steel tanks.


The GDD is applicable in a fermenter, secondary fermenter and end storage with concrete ceiling, a depth up to 10 meters and high gas pressure of 5.0 mbar (higher pressures on request).
Through the SUMA-cable winch and the SUMA-height indication, the optimal stirring depth can be adjusted easy and fast. The agitator is adjustable vertically up to 360° in every position
POM-slide plate and -rollers avoid a direct contact between the submersible motor and the mast. The V4A (ss316) rope is isolated from the submersible motor through a POM-socket.

Through cable clips the connection cable is guided through the SUMA-suspension unit behind the square mast. Thus it cannot meet the cable and safes the sufficient stirring.
The GDD is completely manufactured in V2A (ss304) and within the gas section in V4A (ss316), so a long service life is guaranteed.
The GDD is for the direkt application on the concrete ceiling with an optimal tank opening of 1,700 x 900 mm

For easy maintenance, remove the sealing plate, pull the submersible motor and, at the same time, close the optional maintenance unit. The closing of the maintenance unit avoids the leakage of gas.
Even at the rope lead through the gas tightness is assured because of the SUMA-grease cartridge made in POM and special grease


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