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- Model Optimix 2A - Stainless Steel Submersible Agitator



The SUMA Optimix 2A is our 100% stainless steel submersible agitator. The Optimix 2A is specifically designed for agitation of aggressive media, with no degradation to the agitator itself. The Optimix 2A motor, gears and bearing flange housing is designed with V2A (1.4301) stainless steel. Additionally this mixer is Explosion Zone 1 approved. 


We offer the OPTIMIX 3G with 25 kW for higher performance requirements.
For substrates with low pH-values and operations in extreme agressive media the OPTIMIX 2A is available completely assembled in stainless steel.
Because of the unique SUMA modular design differend motor performances, gears, propeller and mast sizes can be combined for an appropriate agitator for the customer.  
The SUMA-guide mast support with 4 rollers and POM-slide rails guarantee a perfect sliding on the mast  and furthermore a galvanical isolation between the mast and the agitator. The 3 seperated oil chambers for motor, gear and bearing housing ensure a proper stirring. Longlife oil with a longer oil changing interval is used for the gear and the bearing housing. The sealing is made through the mechanical seal SiC/SiC within the bearing housing. There are delta-star-operating-switches for a manually operation or time-controlled SUMA-soft start control available. All agitators can be managed over an external frequency converter.

  • Drive power 13.5 kW
  • Frequency 50 Hz 
  • Rated current 24.0 A 
  • Rotation speed 1460 rpm 
  • Gear ratio i=3.83 
  • Propeller: high-performance push propeller Ø 620 mm, of V2A 
  • Screened special cable

The SUMA Guide Mast with Mounting Frame Structure is built to suit open containers (EV5) and gas-tight wall lead-throughs (MGD) for closed biogas containers (fermenters, secondary fermenters, end storage) 

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