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A Suparskim skimmers is not an oil skimmer. It is used to skimm off the surface layer from a tank, bath or pit; medium with only traces of oil. They are an essential component in every solution and the basis for the Skim & Treat method. Suparskim® skimmers come in fixed-mounted and floating versions to accommodate for any level variation.

The variety in oil/water separation applications is enormous. Not only in the nature of the oil/water mixture (the medium), but also in the variations in shape, size and dimensions of the installations the medium is to be found or treated. Washers, cleaning baths, coolant sumps, API separators, sewer systems etc..

To connect to this variety of installations in the right way, flexibility is a key issue. Suparskim® skimmers provide this flexibility. Typically one of the many Suparskim® models is mounted inside the tank, bath, pit or other and takes off the oil/water mixture, from the surface, for further processing.

The series fixed mounted Suparskim® skimmer are mounted at a fixed height and can accommodate for a level variation of up to 160 mm. See the column 'Level variation' for the maximum level variation for each skimmer model. The skimmers can be mounted directly onto the suction pipe.

The series 91 units have the suction pipe going in at the side, which makes it possible to mount them directly into the side of a tank or bath and even use them to gravity feed into a Suparator unit.

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