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- Model EZ-POP NP - Multi-Bed Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridge


This multi-bed solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge offers superior cleanup for the extraction of non-polar persistent organic pollutants (POPs), specifically heavy and light polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), from edible oil matrices such as olive and corn oil.

  • Removes both fatty matrix and polar interferences from oil matrices for the analysis of a full range of PAHs (2-6 rings) and non-polar POPs
  • Produces cleaner extracts and gives better overall recoveries than other SPE methods
  • Easier and more versatile methodology than other SPE methods, requiring fewer steps and little to no method development work
  • Produces final extracts in GC and HPLC compatible solvent

This dual layer SPE cartridge contains both LC-Florisil (upper layer) and Z-Sep/C18 (lower layer) sorbents, separated by a polyethylene frit. Fatty matrix is preferentially retained by the cartridge while non-polar POPs, such as PAHs, are washed through using acetonitrile. The resulting extract is suitable for either GC-MS or HPLC-FLD analysis.

The top Florisil layer is a polar adsorption media that interacts with polar functional groups such as acids and alcohols. The bottom Z-Sep/C18 layer is comprised of a mixture of Discovery C18 and Z-Sep sorbents. Z-Sep/C18 binds fatty matrix through hydrophobic interaction as well as Lewis acid-base interactions.

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