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- Model V - Visual Inspection System



The improved Super Inspector now has over twice the lighting capability so you can see more and sell more!  You get excellent image with the new higher quality color camera, dual bright light LED lamps, and large color monitor.  You can position the camera where you need it with the camera cart, shaft bracket, extension rods and 50’ cable.  You can record and edit your video (on your laptop computer) with the built in microphone, analog to digital converter, and software. The Super Inspector is the perfect marketing, selling and quality assurance tool for air duct cleaning contractors, consultants and others.

  • Inspecting existing conditions helps you sell the project.
  • Inspecting the post cleaning condition help you to insure a quality cleaning and shows your customer what a good job you have done. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and more referrals.
  • Using your laptop computer and the recording/editing software that comes with the Super Inspector you can record, edit, add titles and then burn a DVD.
  • Mount the Super Inspector camera on the Super RBS brush system and the Super Cart spray system for better operator visibility resulting in better productivity and quality.

  • Small color camera
  • Dual bright light LED lamps
  • Large color monitor
  • Built in microphone
  • Analog to digital converter and editing software
  • 50’ cable and (4) 4’ flexible rods
  • Camera cart and shaft bracket
  • Can operate on 110v or 220v circuits
  • Rugged, lockable case, 22' x 18' x 9.5'

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